Word Counts and Word Lengths

Word Count

The input files must be plain text and contain a single word on each line, 'barriers' consisting of a sequence of 4 or more = or - characters are ignored.

Unique Words

If there are no duplicates the unique word count will be equal to the word count, otherwise it will be lower. Barriers in a word list must all be the same length to avoid errors in the unique word count.


Mean Word Length

The mean word length is the average length of the words in list A and list B in the List View, it will depend on the setting of the Levenshtein range, if the input files contain words no longer than 32 characters and the Levenshtein range is set from 0 to 32 then the mean word lengths will also be the mean word length of all the words in the input files. If the length of any input word is greater than 32 it will be listed provided that the Levenschtein distance between the word in List A and the word at the same position in List B is not greater than 32.