Installation & Registration

Download and unzip to a temporary folder. Run Setup.exe and follow the instructions to complete the installation. It is recommended to use the default installation path.

By default the software will be installed in your Program Files folder with shortcuts to the software and documentation on your Windows Start Program menu under a folder DTSUK.


You will need to enter your product serial number into the Stemming Language Selector 4 and User Thesaurus Plus applications to remove the 30-day evaluation restriction and unlock the stemming language files. See the Stemming Language Selector User Guide.


Upgrades to later versions will generally remove previous versions, but will not remove files generated after installation (e.g. log files and stemming rule files), these will need to be removed manually.


If you need to uninstall, from Windows Start|Settings|Control Panel menu, select Add or Remove programs and browse to LEP500.

Use with dtSearch Desktop or dtSearch Network

Stop Words.

When you create a new index in dtSearch, ideally the noise (stop) word list should match the language of the documents that you intend to search; alternatively if the documents to be indexed contain multiple languages or you prefer to have no words excluded from the index, you need to change the default English noise word list used by dtSearch.

To change the noise word list, open dtSearch Desktop and from the Options menu select Preferences|Letters and Words; browse to the stop word in the desired language or to the empty file (None.dat), you will find these in the stop word installation path, which by default is : C:\Program Files\DTSUK\LEP500\Language\Stop

If you need to change the stop word list at any time, you will need to rebuild the index.

Stemming files.

The stemming files are used at search time, there is no need to update the index when the stemming language is changed. Instructions for using the stemming rule files with dtSearch Desktop can be found in the Stemming Selector 4 User Guide.