Use with dtSearch Engine or dtSearch Web

Stop words

If you are deploying dtSearch Engine or dtSearch Web on a server for a website or Intranet server simply take a copy of the desired stop word file from the install folder (by default this is C:\Program Files\DTSUK\LEP500\Language\Stop) and use it to replace the default English noise word file (noise.dat) supplied with dtSearch, by default this is installed in C:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\bin or ..\bin64 on 64-bit systems.

If you are distributing an application with the dtSearch Engine you may make copies of the stop word files and distribute them to the extent shown in your purchased LEP license or any signed license issued by dtSearch Corp or dtSearch UK.

Stemming Language Selector

The Stemming Language Selector application may be distributed as an option with your application. It may be useful if you simply want to install the Language Extension Pack to a server and need a quick way of changing the stemming language rules while developing your application or as a permanent utility.

The Stemming Language Selector saves the required stemming rule file into the target folder (e.g. dtSearch\bin) to replace the existing stemming.dat file, and may be distributed with your application.

Your application will need to restart to read in the new stemming file rules, unless you can set the dtSearch Engine UpdateFiles property to True.

Alternatively your application can rename the selected language stemming rule file to Stemming.dat and copy it into the folder which contains the default Stemming.dat file, or directly point to a copy of the required stemming language file. See the Stemming Selector 4 User Guide for details of how to generate the stemming files.