Noise Word List Reference

Accented characters

May be used



All words in the word list should be lower case.



The noise word list cannot contain comments.


Length of words

Noise words are displayed in the word list in the dtSearch end-user program, by default the maximum word length is 32 characters in the word list. This can be changed in the end-user program from the

Options|Preferences|Index Options menu.

Name of noise word file
In dtSearch 6.x and 7.x the default filename is Noise.dat.


Number of words

The maximum number of words in the noise word list is 1000


Other characters

If you want to exclude certain characters from your indexes, the alphabet file (ENGLISH.ABC / file determines which characters are to be indexed


Wild Cards

May be used, but not at the start of a word. You can use words containing wildcard characters (* and ?). For example, enter chem* so that the words chemical, chemistry and chemotherapy are not indexed.


Word order

The words do not have to be in alphabetical order, however this is usually more convenient.