After installation on your system, you will find a ...\LEP500\Language folder under the installation folder. Only the files in the sub-folders \stemming and \stop may be included with your application which can be distributed to the extent of your License.

The standard Language Extension Pack (LEP500 series) License allows for distribution with an application on up to three servers or workstations which have a dtSearch Developer product installed (dtSearch Developer products are the dtSearch Engine, dtSearch Web and dtSearch Publish).

Please contact dtSearch UK or dtSearch Corp for license information if you require distribution outside the terms of the standard license (see APPENDIX).

You may choose to distribute copies of only those language files that your application needs, but you must ALWAYS distribute copies of the readme.txt and license files that are in the language folder. The text of those files can be found in the Appendix of this manual.

Your application MUST store all the re-distributable files in the same folder or in separate folders (i.e. Stemming, Stop) under a common Language folder, together with copies of the original and unmodified readme.txt and license files. You may also translate the readme.txt and license files and distribute them in the same folder, in addition to the unmodified files.

Modifiable files


The noise word files are the only files that may be re-distributed in a modified form. If you wish to modify the stemming rule files that are supplied with the Language Extension Pack you must obtain written permission from dtSearch UK.