Use with dtSearch Publish

If you are creating content to be distributed on portable media (CD, DVD, etc.) with dtSearch Publish you need to create a separate 'master' folder on your hard drive for each publication for which you need a different stemming language rule file.

When creating the index for publication you should also choose the correct language for the noise word file, or alternatively use an empty noise word file (e.g. the None.dat file supplied with the Language Extension Pack). A copy of the noise word file is saved in the index .

Before running the 'CD Wizard' to create the master folder use the Stemming Language Selector to change the stemming.dat file.

You do not necessarily need a separate CD/DVD for each language, for example if you are distributing content in French and English, you can use the bi-lingual French-English stemming rule file; Other bi-lingual files currently supplied are German-English and the Russian Plus files (LEP500 only).

Another possibility is that you record more than one 'master' on each CD/DVD in separate folders, you would need to edit the autorun file to run a master Home page containing hyperlinks to each of the separate Home pages created in the different language folders. See the dtSearch Web Manual for instructions on creating the CD master folders and editing the configuration files.