Introduction - Stemming Tester

Stemming Tester 1.4 software enables you to carry out evaluations of the dtSearch stemming rules; it can read in stemming rule files in the dtSearch format and test them either by manually entering words one at a time, or by reading in lists of words from text files.

To get started with the Stemming Tester you should install it on a PC where you already have dtSearch Desktop, Network or a dtSearch developer product installed.

From the File menu, select Open a stemming file.. and browse to the default English rules supplied with dtSearch, this will normally be found at one of these locations:

c:\Program Files\dtSearch\bin\stemming.dat

c:\Program Files\dtSearch Developer\bin\stemming.dat

c:\Program Files(x86)\dtSearch\bin\stemming.dat

c:\Program Files(x86)\dtSearch Developer\bin\stemming.dat

You should now see the rules displayed as shown below:

Fig 1. Displaying dtSearch default English stemming rules and reading in Word List B from the Lancaster University website.

You can now test these rules manually or by using a list of words.