Creating, Renaming and Sorting Synonym Groups or Macros


Click the New button.


Enter a group Name


Enter a suitable Name, for dtSearch synonym and macro files the name of the group is for reference only, it will not be used in a search. The name can be up to 32 characters in length and can be more than one word, duplicates are not allowed. Once a name is entered the Save button will be enabled, you can save the new empty group or proceed to enter synonyms; for synonyms the group name will be copied automatically into the list of synonyms when you press the Save button.


Press the tab key to move to the Synonyms text box, now enter one word or phrase per line.



When you are finished press the tab key then click the Save button, or press the Enter key.


For dtSearch synonym groups, when entering more than one word on a line you do not need to enter quotation marks, these will be automatically added to the saved XML file but are not displayed in the list of synonyms.


You can right-click in the text box to paste text. Duplicated entries, blank lines, any spaces before or after words, or punctuation accidentally entered in any of the lines of text will be removed automatically when you click Save.


Rename or Delete a group




If you have made errors in the list of Synonym Group or Macro Names you can Rename or Delete any of them by clicking on the item in the list then pressing the Rename or Delete button.


Sort a group



By default the Sort button will sort items in the Synonyms Group numerically then alphabetically according to English alphabet rules. The rules for sorting are controlled by XSL Transform files in your MyDocuments\User Thesaurus Plus folder. If the language is not specified, sorting will be according to the language of the operating system, if you are sorting items in some other language you will need to edit the XSL Transform files.