Installation & Registration



Upgrading or Uninstalling


WARNING Uninstalling or upgrading will remove all the sample files installed by User Thesaurus Plus. If you have modified any of the sample files you are advised to make copies and store them outside of the User Thesaurus Plus Data folder or rename them.


If you need to un-install go to Windows Settings|Control Panel|Add or Remove Programs and click on User Thesaurus Plus (or UTP100 or LEP500 if it was installed as part of a Language Extension Pack or an earlier version).


Evaluation Version

When first installed the program will run in evaluation mode. The evaluation version  will run for 30-days, it will allow you create and edit files and to select all the sample files in the Data folder. You can enter a serial number at any time. (This will restore functionality if the evaluation period has expired).



If you have purchased a license for UTP500, LEP500, LEP502, or LEP503 you will need to enter the serial number to continue use beyond 30 days.  From the Help|About menu press the Add serial... button. Enter the serial number and press OK. (If you have entered an invalid number the text boxes will turn red).


We recommend that you register your purchase online at, from the Support menu choose Register product.