Sample Thesaurus and Macro files






162 currency codes with synonyms of currency name, currency sign, including full-width signs and other variants.


Irregular verbs in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German,  Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.

Handles verb forms (irregular verbs, strong verbs, stem change verbs) that stemming may not, for example in English go, went, gone; run, ran; speak, spoke; drink, drank.


Irregular nouns in Danish, Dutch, English, Norwegian, Swedish

Handles plurals that stemming rules may not, for example in English woman - women, foot - feet, tooth - teeth, child - children.


Names – Genealogy – Cross-lingual – political

Examples of various methods of name searching, nick names, maiden/married names, diminutives, transliterations, political office, aliases.


Names Russian Male and Female (2 separate files)

Examples of name searching - diminutives, transliterations, similar names.


Prenoms francaise masculin

Examples of Name searching - French male forenames and diminutives.



Lists synonyms of a sample of colours for example azure - cornflower - blue.



This file is a CLIR (Cross Lingual Information Retrieval) example, it has the English word Invoice with equivalents in over 20 languages.  



This file is an example of using brand names as synonyms for items of clothing.



Small sample from:


Legal & Medical

These files are examples of using legal/medical terms (in Latin) with common English synonyms. The medical file also includes an example of using synonyms that include trade names, chemical names, and 'street names' for drugs.



Macro Files

UT_sample_macros_3 contains a macro called IPV4. This will enable you to search for all IP v4 addresses in dtSearch Desktop/Network by using the search request @IPV4 rather than having to enter a long Regular Expression.


To be able to use this macro the IP addresses need to have the full stop (period) character indexed. This can be done in dtSearch Desktop\Network from the Options|Preferences|Letters and Words - Edit Alphabet dialog, make the character 46 a "Letter" then update the index.


A serious side effect of making the period (full stop) a searchable letter is that words at the end of a sentence will not be found in a normal search, so it is best to make this a separate index which is only used for searching or extracting IP addresses.