Searching for Money

dtSearch Desktop/Network does not index currency signs by default, nevertheless a search for $120 will find documents containing $120 because it will ignore the $ sign; unfortunately this means it may also find documents containing £120 or 120 € or 120 Yen or even 120 chickens! If you are searching a small document database this may be acceptable but for many this lack of precision will be frustrating.


If you use the Alphabet File Editor to make currency signs searchable your searches will have much higher precision, but you need to be aware that you will need to adapt your search queries accordingly. For example if you make the Dollar sign a searchable letter a search for $2000000 will only find documents containing $2000000, you will not find a document that contains $ 2000000 (i.e. with a space between the sign and the digits). To ensure that you will find documents with or without a space between the currency sign and the amount, you will need to change your search query to:


($ w/1 2000000) or $2000000


By also using the currencies sample thesaurus file and other techniques it is possible to improve both the precision and the recall when searching on monetary amounts, for example it is possible to find documents containing amounts in various currencies when they are expressed in these forms:


$ 2 million (including if the $ sign is the full-width or small character variants)

$ 2 m


$ 2000000

2000000 Dollars

2000000 USD

USD 2000000

$ 2,000,000

2,000,000 dollars

two million dollars


Free on-line training in how to search for monetary values can be found at: