Searching on Names


The names_genealogy thesaurus file will enable dtSearch to broaden your searches to include common diminutives of personal names. Often when searching through census records the names that appear may not match the names that appear on the person's birth certificate, for example a common name appearing on English Victorian census returns is Fanny, whereas an inspection of the birth certificate shows they were named Frances at birth. This file contains common variants for many English names - in some cases the variants may include common variants from different English  speaking countries, for example Charles is most often Charlie or Chas in England, whereas in America Chuck or Chip is common.  




Cross lingual

The names_cross_lingual thesaurus file gives a single example of how you can expand your search for alternative forms of Arabic names in dtSearch. You can also do the same for names that have been transliterated say from Cyrillic to Latin script; transliteration is where each letter of a word is changed from one script to another, this can be problematic when one language may not have an equivalent letter in its alphabet, in which case the letter with the closest pronunciation is chosen which may lead to variant spellings in the same script in different languages. Romanization is the transcription from Arabic to a Latin based script based on the pronunciation of the word, there are many standards (e.g. IPA, US Intelligence Community) and this can lead to variants between the target languages as is evident in the sample file.


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The names_political thesaurus file gives a single example of how you can expand your search in dtSearch to allow searching by a persons name (and possible aliases, transliterations or Romanizations) or political office. This form of searching can be useful when searching news archives for example, but has the disadvantage that the office is usually of short duration and therefor the file would need constant updating if you always want to search on news concerning the current office holder.