Testing dtSearch Desktop User Thesaurus & Macros

Test files are supplied so that you can check that each file is working correctly.


To carry out a test in dtSearch Desktop first create a new index, then in the update index dialog choose Add Folder... and browse to your My Documents\User Thesaurus Plus folder and open the Test folder. In the Filename filters box add *.txt, now click the Start button.


When the indexing is complete, open the Search dialog and select just the index you have created. Check the Synonym searching and User Synonyms boxes and unselect all other search expansion checkboxes (i.e. Stemming, Phonic, Fuzzy, Synonyms, Related words).

Enter any of the words from the indexed word list; you should find that whatever word you search with dtSearch will open UTT_combine.txt and the test file that matches the word in your search request. Now search again using a word or phrase that appears in the synonym file that you have selected in User Thesaurus Plus, all words on the same line should be highlighted*. Test again with the User Synonyms checkbox unselected, you should find that dtSearch will find just the word you searched on and no other words will be highlighted.


*Note that if you search on a single word that is part of a phrase it will not be highlighted unless you enter the complete phrase.




The Test folder contains a file combine.bat, this is a batch file that combines all the .txt files in the folder into a single file UTT_combine.txt.  If you change the text files in the Data folder and need to create a new UTT_combine.txt, first delete UTT_combine.txt then double-click on combine.bat to create a new UTT_combine.txt file.