Quick start

Initial set-up for use with dtSearch Desktop or Network


User Thesaurus Plus does not require the install of LEP500, it can be used on its own in conjunction with dtSearch Desktop/Network to change the synonym or macro files at any time.


1 - Locate the Thesaurus file path



2 - Import Existing Thesaurus and Macro Files

3 - Set the Target Path





User Thesaurus Plus will make a copy of the thesaur.xml file from the Target path and save it in your My Documents folder under \User Thesaurus Plus\Data. You will be able to select this from the Synonym file drop-down list at any time.



4 - Select the Synonym or Macro file to be edited or used with dtSearch.

The Settings menu allows you to choose dtSearch Synonyms or Macro files; initially the default selection is dtSearch Synonym files.



You can toggle between Synonym and Macro files by pressing Ctrl+M


Select a file from the drop-down list,  this can now be edited as required.


To use the selected file with dtSearch press the Update button, this will update the synonym or macro target file as appropriate.


dtSearch will use the synonym or macro target file that you have selected to expand your search queries; there is no need to update the index.


You can change the synonym or macro file at any time with dtSearch running or not; dtSearch will only use the selected file once the Update button is pressed.


You can either close User Thesaurus Plus or minimise it to the Windows task bar, your settings are automatically saved.



5 - If you want to use the stop word highlighting feature you will need to set the path to the Stop Word File.



6 - If you want to make currency symbols searchable in dtSearch set the path to the Alphabet file.