Database Indexer


Screenshot 7101 Datasourcescreen

(BETA: image for guidance only, features and appearance may change.)

  • Creates dtSearch compatible indexes of SQL or mySQL databases, local or in the cloud, i.e. Microsoft Azure SQL, Amazon RDS for SQL
  • Databases supported
  • MS SQL - Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.
  • MySQL  - Connection methods:
    • Standard TCP/IP
    • Local Socket Pipe
    • Standard TCP/IP over SSH
    • (SSL Not currently supported)
  • Index all or selected fields, extract text or binary (BLOB) data.
  • Indexes can be searched in dtSearch Desktop/Network or dtSearch Web/Engine.
  • dtSearch Desktop will list all the columns in the database as searchable fields, so that searches can be limited to chosen fields, e.g. cheese and (Brand contains (Tesco ))
  • Built in index scheduler.
  • Each Index can contain up to 1Tb of data.
  • OS: Windows 10

Evaluation version

The evaluation version is limited to 10,000 records per datasource.


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