Release Notes: 365 Indexer

(This product is in beta test. Features may be added. modified or removed before release)

1.0.7450 (25 May 2020)

  • .lang file supplied is now pseudolocalized +30% length
  • Localization fixes.
  • UI update for consistancy with Database Indexer 1.1


  • Added licenses folder


  • Added better detection of dtSearch on same drive. 


  • This version requires dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.94 or later to be installed on the same drive.
  • Added: I18N folder for translation file
  • Fixed - indexing errors with old dtSearch Desktop versions - now checks version.


  • Added CheckedListBox Index Options Dialog. Index Options per index.
  • Added localization (Uses external template file).
  • Fixed: Dates in Calendar Entries indexed.
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldUserValue indexed as literals
  • Fixed: arrays SharePoint.Client.FieldUserValue[]
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldUrlValue
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldlookupValue
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldStringValue
  • Fixed: HashTags

0.9.7201 (25954) Initial beta for testing 19 Sep 2019

In Evaluation Mode 365 Indexer is limited as follows:


In an Index Task, 365 Indexer will index a maximum of 3 pages per notebook section. If there are more pages in a section, they will be skipped.


In an Index Task, 365 Indexer will index a maximum of 6 items per list, skipping all further items in the list.