Release Notes: Database Indexer

1.0.7268 (25 Nov 2019)
Fixed localization issue

1.0.7249 (Initial Release 6 Nov 2019)
Fixed Indexing Options UI
Updated User Guide

This version has to be installed on the same drive as a copy of dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.94 or later.


Added Indexing Options dialog, Index Options per index.
Added external localization file.

1.0.7137 (Release Candidate 17 July 2019)
bug fixes

1.0.7124 (beta)
UI changes
bug fixes

1.0.7116 (beta)
Added incremental index updating
bug fixes

1.0.7109 (beta)
Added Custom Query

1.0.7101 (beta)

  • Bux fixes.
  • UI updates
  • License file added.

1.0.7098 (beta)
Bug fixes

1.0.7096 (beta)
Initial release to beta