Release Notes: Database Indexer

1.1.7449 (Released 1 June 2020)
  • .lang file supplied is now pseudolocalized +30% length
  • Added configure enumerable fields.
  • Added set Display Name for database columns; dtSearch Desktop/Network will use the display name instead of the column name for fields.
  • Added data type of columns is detected and saved in index; Universal Search API uses this to determine when to show Date Picker in Universal Search Clients.
  • Added select column to be 'key' to a value in another table; e.g. when indexing if a table contains column ProductBrandID but not the brand name itself, user can select ProductBrandID as the key for the value to be found in the Brands table. 
  • Fixed  MSSQL labels don't render in setup dialog.
  • Fixed  path to existing index doesn't populate in existing datasource when editing.
  • Fixed  new datasource:  if no table is initially selected, prompts to select table from disabled combobox; custom queries don't require table selection.
1.0.7268 (Released 25 Nov 2019)

Fixed localization issue

1.0.7249 (Initial Release 6 Nov 2019)
Fixed Indexing Options UI
Updated User Guide

This version has to be installed on the same drive as a copy of dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.94 or later.


  • Added Indexing Options dialog, Index Options per index.
  • Added external localization file.

1.0.7137 (Release Candidate 17 July 2019)
bug fixes

1.0.7124 (beta)
UI changes
bug fixes

1.0.7116 (beta)
Added incremental index updating
bug fixes

1.0.7109 (beta)
Added Custom Query

1.0.7101 (beta)

  • Bux fixes.
  • UI updates
  • License file added.

1.0.7098 (beta)
Bug fixes

1.0.7096 (beta)
Initial release to beta