Importing User Thesaurus or Macro files


You may have colleagues that have created User Thesaurus or Macro files on other machines that you may want to share; from the File menu choose Import file... to import these into your User Thesaurus Plus Data folder.


User Thesaurus Plus will automatically identify the type.



Fig 4



A dialog will be displayed so that you can rename the thesaur.xml or macros.xml file.


You must rename the file, If you attempt to save a file with a name that already exists in the Data folder it will display a message that the file has not been copied. (Do not add the .xml extension to the name).


IMPORTANT: If at any time you edit the user thesaurus in dtSearch Desktop you will need to import it back into the User Thesaurus Plus Data folder with a new name; since this may not be desirable it is better to avoid editing files in dtSearch Desktop.