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Searching for Lists of Names - Offshore Leaks

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April 2014 marks the anniversary of the Offshore Leaks financial scandal that unmasked details of 130,000 offshore accounts. Although normal businesses may use the offshore legislation to ease formalities in international trade, some observers called it the biggest international tax fraud discovery to date...

Evolution of Romance Language

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I would like to pay my respects to romance in this month of amorousness. What better way is there to do this than explore the origins of romance and the language of romance. When did it all start and what’s language got to do with it? Depending on which concept (or meaning) of romance you subscribe to, it seems to have begun a long time ago…

Can you be identified by your bank statement?

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Last month I bought an item from Stella McCartney website, some books from a bookshop in town; I bought a souvenir from The British Museum, shopped at Waitrose four times; went to eat at The Ivy, went to The Royal Court Theatre and Royal Festival Hall for a concert, etc. (Ok, so I can dream can’t I?)...

Brain – Search and You Shall find!

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Imagine living in a world that has a machine that could search the brain and bring forth answers! Something similar to a handheld thesaurus or dictionary; for example any word could be typed into the machine the results would consist of any association, activity or thought the individual has had with that word! Can you imagine…